Let’s get acquainted

Hi, my name is Sergey!

Let’s cut to the chase — this blog is about online marketing. To be more exact, this blog is mostly about online marketing in Gambling and IT niches. It is not just my job but also my hobby, so you won’t find ordinary and boring articles here — let’s leave this stuff to Wikipedia.

I am not an outstanding marketing giant, so fails and troubles are a simple part of my work (to be honest, this part is not the smallest 🙂 And, as you understand, I have a strong willingness to share my experience with you!

Good, but how can your blog help me?

If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to ask! I am always ready to consult you on implementing Analytics (Google Tag Manager, Enhanced E-commerce, Yandex Metrica) for your project. If you need a marketing strategy to promote your product/service to the market of the CIS, Africa and so on, I can also help.

The best way to contact me is to email me at LinkedIn.

Where are you from? What are your goal and experience?

I live in Eastern Europe, and when I don’t work, I travel (but sometimes these activities cross). Ireland and England are my desired venues. By the way, I am not a native English speaker. So, if you find any grammar mistakes in my publications (and you definitely will), please don’t judge me strict 🙂

Find out more about my experience in my LinkedIn profile.

Apart from marketing, what do you do?

My daily life is a continuous self-development (with short lazy periods, for sure. After work, I like to run, to improve my English, and to read. Luckily, my reading list consists not only of AdWords guide, so you can also contact me if you want to talk about books!

So, nice to meet you at my blog! Feel free to read, to ask, and to argue — that’s what I’ve created this site for. If you like my articles, feel free to subscribe, too.

P.S. Yandex products are my passion 🙂